Van Conversion Guide

Van Conversion Guide


Our van conversion guide details how we built a DIY camper van. It includes step-by-step details of our entire van conversion process from an empty cargo van to the finished van build. It also provides design considerations, helpful tips and over 100 high-quality, labeled photos to help you build the custom camper van of your dreams.

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Have you ever dreamed of an epic road trip with total freedom to explore and sleep where you want? Our van conversion guide will give you the opportunity to learn from our experience converting a cargo van into the ultimate road trip vessel. Our van conversion was based on a simple and cost-effective design that is achievable by anyone, for roughly $1,000 USD. 

Here's what you will get:

  • Step-by-step detail of our entire van conversion process from an empty van to the finished product.
  • Full insight into our design considerations to maximize liveable space and storage.
  • Explanations on why we chose specific materials (and avoided others), the tools used, and a rough breakdown of the cost of each section.
  • How we manage daily use of electronics without the need for solar panels using a deep-cell battery.
  • Important safety considerations.
  • Helpful tips and suggestions to avoid frustrations and errors.
  • Over 100 high-quality, labelled photos of the construction and finished van build. 
  • An easy to read, eye-catching page layout.
  • The ebook comes in PDF format readable on desktop, laptop and tablets. 

Design Highlights:

  • Multi-functioning fixtures 
    • A couch that quickly converts into a bed with easy access to storage underneath.
    • A storage cabinet that transforms into a table.
  • A home-built cooler that keeps ice for up to 7 days (it's the best cooler we've ever owned).
  • High priority given to insulation so the van can be used in cooler climates (e.g. Canadian Rockies)
  • A beautiful, livable space that you will be proud to call your own. 
  • Sections: Insulation, Ventilation Flooring, Bed/Couch Unit, Cabinet/Table Unit, Storage Stand, Wall Treatment, Cooler, Window Covers, Side Table, Deep Cycle Battery


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I have a cargo van that I am in the process of converting to an RV. I found this e-book by Alison and Ben to be quite informative and helpful. The book has excellent photographs and detail. Additionally, they were quite helpful with some additional questions I had. It’s a great value for the price!
— Daniel H.
The most valuable part of your conversion guide is the design considerations and how you designed your build based on these. I am planning my conversion and these considerations have been very helpful.
— Glen H.
Your product is outstanding. Starting work on my van. So glad I purchased your booklet.
— Rob R.
Your instructions are worth much more than what you are charging
— John. O
Thank you for creating such a detailed and informative document sharing your thoughtful build. I especially like your cooler, and your use of a deep cycle battery that replaces the original van battery.
— Ted S.
Thank you! Your ebook was well-written and the format was easy to understand.
— Will N.

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