Cargo Van Conversion | Insulating a Cargo Van

Our camper van conversion required insulation to stay warm for two reasons:
1. In Canada, gas heaters such as the Buddy portable heater are for sold for outdoor use only due to the health risks associated with improper ventilation when used indoors.
2.An average summer night in the mountains can dip down to as low as 3°C (37°F). Additionally, insulation keeps the van cooler in hotter climates.

For the first two layers of insulation, we chose polystyrene foam insulation for its ‘less mess’ nature, ease of use and affordability. The video below shows a timelapse taken while installing polystyrene insulation. Note: We added fibreglass insulation inside the rear and side door cavities. A final layer of Styrofold (quarter inch foam with radiant heat barrier foil) was added on all surfaces. 

For full steps/pictures of the installation and our van build, please check out our Van Conversion Guide.