Important Things to Consider Before Choosing a Vehicle for Van Life

It’s not hard to fall madly in love with the images out there of the vintage Vanagon parked under the milky way, or the sleek Sprinter van with its doors open to the ocean. What about the school bus conversions that could rank as a lottery prize homes? Before you get your heart set on a certain type of vehicle for your van life journey, make sure you weigh out your options. Each type of vehicle has pros and cons that will have an impact on your experience living on the road. Being aware of these pros and cons will help reduce frustrations or unplanned adjustments to your excursions, and ensure you are confident in your choice.

In the early days of dreaming up our van trip, we were dead set on getting a vintage camper van. Something cheap that looked cool, for the gram! We were wisely convinced otherwise by some veteran van lifers and decided on a far more practical (and widely available) vehicle type. In 2016 we purchased a robust and reliable cargo van off a plumber, pulled out all the shelving and were left with a blank canvas to begin planning our dream camper. It was the perfect vehicle for the type of van life experience we were looking for - one where we didn’t have to dip into our retirement savings or ever have to think twice about parking. We wanted to be able to go everywhere and not be hindered by the type of vehicle we chose to get us there!

In the video below we discuss important things to consider when deciding what type of vehicle you will purchase for your van conversion. We walk through how we narrowed down our vehicle decision and give helpful advice from what we saw after six months on the road. Enjoy!

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