Cargo Van Conversion | Installing a Fantastic Fan

In this video we install our Fantastic Fan fan as part of our cargo van conversion. It will be used to cool us down when it is hot outisde, increase airflow to remove stagnant, stuffy air and reduce condensation buildup while sleeping (which can make your items damp and even cause mildew). An additional benefit is ventilation if you need to cook indoors poor weather). The fan has a single speed that moves 350 cubic feet (or roughly the entire van) per minute. When the fan’s vents are closed, it can also be used as a ceiling fan. We purchased the EZ Breeze 600 model on eBay for $138 (incl. Shipping). As outlined in the video, we like this model because it has side vents and a solid top so it can be used at any time, even in the rain.

1. Trace the fan onto a piece of cardboard, then trace the cardboard cutout on the roof. Taping the area outside your tracing will help you see where to cut and also prevent the power saw from scratching the paint. To cut the hole we used a jig saw with a 36 TPI (teeth-per-inch) blade (for metal). We started by drilling a hole inside the tape to insert the blade, then slowly cut along the tape until the hole was complete.
2. With the fan in place, we used the pre-existing screw holes as a stencil for drilling the screw holes in the roof of the van.
3. To glue the fan in place we used self leveling LePage Quad MAX Sealant ‘Window, Door & Siding’ in white.
4. Gently press the fan in place, ensuring even and opposite application of pressure on the sealant.
5. Place the screws in place (the screw holes) and drill screw 90% of the way using a drill, leaving the remaining 10% to be done by hand (working around the fan in opposites)
6. Trace around the fan with the sealant and cover all screw heads with sizeable dollops to prevent them from rusting.
7. Using guidelines in the EZ Breeze manual, we ran 16 AWG (American Gauge Wire) along the ceiling down to the existing fuse box underneath the driver’s seat.

For more full steps/photos of how we built our camper van, please check out our Van Conversion Guide.



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